giovedì 16 novembre 2017

What I've Learned This Week |Nine|

one.Day light saving is a blast. Right? Right? I have to convince myself. Because seriously, nightlike sky at 4,30 pm,  not sure I’ll get used to it.

two.Sometimes I read or hear about cultures special days or celebrations, and I really want to make them mine. Thanksgiving? Giving thanks is the first solution to happiness proposed in every book. Yom Kippor? The day of atonement. Never heard of it before a podcast I listen too and It sounds like such a good idea. I want to dig more and see what interests me.

three.I don’t like to shop. I really really dislike the whole trying clothes on in a fitting room. This could be one of the reasons why I only own one block dress that I wear for all formal occasion…and that I left in Italy. So yet again, this Saturday my quest is : find a dress. Black. Long. Elegant. And possibly cheap. Ah!

four. I’m pretty sure my English is improving , but I don’t always realise it because most of the time I understand all the words I hear/read. But this one was the surprise of the week
Thwarted : disappointingly unsuccessful; "My plans were thwarted (mandati all’aria)"

five. I read and Listen to Gretchen Rubin every week, and this past Monday she read a passage form one of my favourite books: “Charlotte’s web”. I really want to gift it to all of my niece and nephews to read it , but I also really don’t want to gift them a book where a “Charlotte” dies. Anyways, I digress! She read a passage of the book that made her think about the fact that  - sometimes in the midst of a very ordinary day, we’re reminded of our most transcendent values, and we’re given the opportunity to live up to those values, if we choose.

What would I do if I choose to live up to my values at every given opportunity?

domenica 12 novembre 2017

I Can Learn To Be Human Too

Random night out in the Northern Quarter.
Matt and Phred's, beer and swing.
Sounds good to me.


giovedì 9 novembre 2017

The 1% Rule

Many years ago at my first job, I heard one of the bosses say “We do 80% of the work in 20% of the time and it takes us 80% of the time to finish the 20% of the work”.

I have thought about that phrase ever since. 

It pops up in my mind so easily when I casually tell my boss that “the file it’s done, it only needs retouching.” and then it seems like it’s never finished. When I meal prep for an army and I can never finish cleaning up afterwards. That should be the 20% of the work! but it definitely needs more effort on my part.

The Italian economist and philosopher ( how cool of a guy must he have been) Vilfredo Pareto was the first one noticing this pattern that has been the basic for every statistic class ever since .

This rule is THE rule. The rule for life.

It applies to everything in the world : from world economics to soccer to nature.

8.4 percent of the world population controls 83.3 percent of the world's wealth. and out of 77 competing , just 3 countries- Italy, Brasil and Germany- have won 13 out of 20 soccer World Cup.

(Italy has many other examples of excellences that perfectly describe this principle but let’s keep it on the good. )

In the Amazon forest there are 16,000 species of trees, 200 of which cover half of the forest. 

How this 1.25 % of species achieve to cover 50% of the forest ?

One plant was slightly taller than the other and for the day it got more light and more water. The day after it has grown at a faster pace and will get even more light and more water and so on until that slightly edge at the beginning gave the plant to possibility now to shadow over his economics this is called the accumulative advantage.

Very small difference in performance will make a big difference in results if repeated over time: the 1% rule, i.e the heart of the Pareto Principle.

I know for a fact that if I try to change my behaviour completely I won’t be able to stick the change because humanly we’re against change and our body/mind will always tend to oppose it.

But what would happen if you change just 1% and keep changing it for a reasonable length of time?

If you aggregate marginal gains constantly for the next year where would that get you?

I work 8 hours a day. 1% of which is 5 minutes. If I improve just a little tiny 1% a week, that gets me to 25 minutes of productivity that I’ve gain. It’s a whole file. A long email. Even a meeting!

I’ve been listening to the same groups and singer since I was 14 years old. I can count them on my fingers. Of one hand. 

1% of all the music ever written it’s a lot of music. It would mean to tenfold a hundred times what I listen to.

On the rowing machine I did the 500 meter sprint in 1 minute 47 seconds. Then I started not doing them “this time” at the gym because I wasn’t rowing on the water for the winter. It’s 1 time , right? Out of all the times I did them! Then “ this other time” I didn’t do the sprint because I was tired from doing other things. Then “this time” and didn’t even sat on the rower. It now takes almost 2 minute to row 500 m.

Because , what you going to do?, the rule works both ways!

If I took just 1% more of the domestic tasks I share with the h , we would be even in 72 days. 

It want have an impact on the daily life, it’s just a tiny little difference.

But what would happen overall?

What if I improved 1% everyday on everything I do?

(random bits of Manchester lately)

giovedì 2 novembre 2017

What I've Learned This Week | Eight | November

November in the United States is the month of thanksgiving, and therefore a reminder of what lately I’ve been thankful for.

1.The people I love. My husband, or better form of his character. (this is of course just a few things that I particularly noticed lately) He doesn’t’ really complain about anything, not even being sick on a 10 hours trip home;
(I always knew this as I don’t do much)he does so much in the house , but having to do everything myself for a couple of days made me realise this even more; he calms me down when I have to many ideas on what to do next: sometimes it’s frustrating, but for the bigger picture it’s probably the best!
My parents and my parents in law. I find myself asking myself what my parents would do fairly often. And we are so lucky that the four of them jump gladly at any, any of our requests, no matter how random.
Some fine friend that spent time and money just to come see me. We had a wonderful weekend!

2.My time. I start working at what feels like the crack of dawn, but I’m enjoying the long afternoons…too bad the battery dies at 9 sharp after two and a half minutes of Stranger Things.


3.Weather forecast. Like seriously, how do they do it I’m not sure. And they must go crazy in England because it changes literally 154 times a day. But I’m so glad I get to see this. Finally rain is coming where needed and the sun is shining where rare.
Yeah, you see those rays? That’s a sunny day here up north!

4.The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Christmas is hereee in full blown! Santa is up on the tower of  the hall in Albert Square and in fact, they will inaugurate Christmas Market this coming Saturday and I can. not. wait. 

4. Changes. Winter is coming ( as the only Game of Thrones reference I know) and we’re switching  “The Humid” ,as I lovingly  call our apartment, for a house we’ll hopefully get to call home soon! I feel like such a grown up!

Here’s to gratitude! and how it turns everything into enough.

domenica 22 ottobre 2017

One Year

two houses lived in
four countries visited together for the first time
nine Netflix series
twenty six plane rides combined
three road trips
one musical at the theatre 
countless fights over my messiness
eleven new restaurants tried
many cries over being away from home
one hundred thirty six nights apart
one new job
zero eye rolls at each others quirks 
three films at the movies
three hundred sixty four very hopeful, full, happy days


lunedì 16 ottobre 2017

British Food

This is my lunch in the cafeteria at work.
I could't make this up.
(I could throw this up.)
I made it Italian can you tell!?

(I promise sometimes it's better than this. Sometimes.)

domenica 15 ottobre 2017

What I've Learned this Week |Seven|

one. Listening to Spotify I stumbled upon very old song that reminded of my youth.  Hey, I might not remember what I ate at lunch but I still know all the words of this masterpiece.

two. I started a Chinese language course yet again. Speaking of memory, it seems like my brain was on strike and I couldn't even remember how to say "clothes". I spent so much time studying this very hard language that it's such a shame to forget it all now, so back to school it is. 
The University place it's pretty stunning too and I'm glad I have a reason to visit it once a week.

three. I read somewhere a quote from Albert Camus that made me think.
"If there is a sin against life, it lies perhaps less in despairing of it than in hoping for another life, and evading the implacable grandeur of the one we have."
I very much agree with dear old Albert. I really want to concentrate on what I have and enjoy the grandeur of it.
What do you think it's a sin against life?

four. the weather in Manchester it's pretty much always autumn like, but I really noticed the change in the past week or so .
Days are shorter but it's been sunny and cozy and red and yellow everywhere.

five. In my attempt to find a good spiritual master I talked to one of the Italian friend here in Manchester that I thought could help me and was I right. She even knew about a mass celebrated in Italian once a month in one of the central Catholic churches. Too bad is the only weekend in October we're not going to spend in Manchester! to next month...

happy belated weekend everyone! Life is busy and supergood!